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The most complete tool to learn 3D design, programming and robotics.

Discover BitbloqAprende y enseña tecnología de forma fácil y divertida

More tools

More tools

Work on all the Primary and Secondary Education technological skills from a single platform.

Creativo y educativo

Creativo y educativo

Con Bitbloq los niños aprenden a programar y desarrollar tecnología de forma progresiva, creativa y motivadora.

Easy access

Easy access

Students can use Bitbloq without having to create an account.

New Teacher Plan

New Teacher Plan

You can use Bitbloq for free, or you can enjoy the Teacher Plan, specially designed to take Bitbloq to the classroom.

What can you do with the Bitbloq?

Programme robotics!

Bitbloq Robotics Jr | beta

Make your first steps in robotics with easy and intuitive block programming.

Bitbloq Robotics | beta

Program your inventions with blocks and learn the basic programming concepts.

Bitbloq Robotics Adv | beta

Get started with code with Arduino®. Create your first programs and bring your robots to life.

Design in 3D

Bitbloq 3D | beta

Discover 3D, learn geometry and turn your ideas into designs.

Develop apps

Bitbloq Apps | beta

Start designing and programming your own apps for Android®, iOS® or PC.

Coming Soon
You can use Bitbloq without registering. To save your documents online, create an account.

Teach with BitbloqNew Teacher Plan

Enjoy simpler classroom management, technical support, priority access to all new developments and many more advantages.

Try for free until January 31st!
Afterwards, from €2.90/month.
No minimum subscription duration.

Easy classroom management: create, manage and correct exercises on the cloud.

Direct access to the exercises by the students through codes. No downloading or registering.

Direct support from the Bitbloq team.

Exclusive functionalities, free add-ons and priority access to all new developments.

All the Bitbloq market boards, available free of charge for you and your students.

Try for free until January 31st!Afterwards, from €2.90/month.
No minimum subscription duration.

Start teaching

1. Ask your teacher for an exercise code.

2. Insert your code and press "Start".

Go to exercise

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Bitbloq funciona 100% online

Para utilizar Bitbloq no necesitas instalar nada: solo un portatil, chromebook o PC con un sistema operativo compatible con el navegador Google Chrome 90.0.